Peuters in het Wild ENGLISH

Peuters in het wild is a project of “Natuur is een Feest” to stimulate parents with young children to enjoy a visit to the forest or park.


Every morning Mina Mouse greets the children. We start with a little story, poem or song as an introduction to the theme of the morning. Then we do some activities matching the theme. For example we’ll look for little animals like sow bug and spider, listen to the birds, make magic soup, build a little house for the little animals or look for the rainbow colors. We use as much materials as possible from the forest. Every morning we have a break with fruit and something to drink (tea) and we finish with a song.

Forest and park change every season. I like to use the differences. So I feel free to choose the themes short before the activity.

The mornings are in Dutch. For most children that’s no problem because they learn by imitation. For parents I can translate to English or German.

In 2023 Peuters and Kleuters in het Wild is on  the first Saturday of the month from May till Novembre (without August). 

Special price November 4th: 2 children for the price of 1 !

The costs are €9,00  for one morning. When you come more times or with more children you get discount.  You pay for your child; (grand)parents/babysitters come for free. When you’re living in Wageningen and have minimum income you can ask support from the “Ik doe mee fonds”.  With a Wageningenpas 10 % discount.wageningenpas

(Grand)parents are responsible for their child.

Every Peuter morning I’ve place for minimum 4 and maximum 8 children. Every Peuter and Kleuter morning I’ve place for minimum 4 and maximum 10 children.You can enter by filling in the form below.  

Other dates possible for groups on demand. Please send a mail.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call 06 123 25 994

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